Smell ya' later Second Grade . . .

It has been an awesome year & it went by so fast!
Can't believe my baby is going to be a BIG 3rd grader in September:)


veggie kabobs

I made some veggie kabobs for a bbq I went to a few weeks ago. (Clearly I stole the idea from the infamous fruit kaboobs floating around on pinterest:) It was a great day . . .



It has been a long time since I have been out.
I didn't find much but I did get a couple of little treasures . . .

These plastic kids play cups from the 1960's.
This blue tray/plate thing.

and this glass 'Sugar' canister to add to my collection.
And this fun platter.

For more Thrift Shop Treasures visit
Have a great Monday:)


its about time . . .

I start blogging again!?
Here's a glimse of what we have been up to lately.
Josh went to his first concert . . .
He is enjoying 2nd grade... this was his Christmas party.
 (it was a little crazy)
These lovely ladies from church surprised me with a 'surrogate' shower.
(this picture is from our Christmas ornament exchange)
My sister & brother in-law moved back to PA!!!! Yay!!!
It's awesome having these 2 little ladies local again:)

Happy New Year!



Josh's first week of  . . .
He loves his teacher and some of his friends are in his class!
I miss him, but he's happy & that's all that matters:)
Have a nice weekend!

Goodbye Summer

It's been fun . . .

Summer of 2011 will always hold a special place in my heart, because I had this awesome chance to spend so much extra time with Josh. 

Going into the summer I had all these plans . . .  activities I wanted to do and things I wanted to get done. But  instead we relaxed more -we hung out more. . . and ate Popsicle's on the porch . . .and played with neighbors . . . and slept in . . .and stayed in our pj's until -well we just stayed in them ;)
It was fun pretending I was a 'SAHM' for a few months . . . now its time to get back to reality!
So Goodbye Summer . . .


Embrace The Camera

 Happy September!
Hope everyone had a great summer - we have a few for days until Josh starts 2ND GRADE!!!!
& we are trying to have lots of fun before school starts. Here are some pictures from a day trip we recently went on to Ocean City, NJ.
We even brought back a little something...
meet Gary!


Happy August!

I can't believe its AUGUST already?!? I say that at the beginning of every month but this time I really mean it. This summer is going by so fast - having off  more I had planned on getting a lot done around here. But ummmm- that hasn't happened - maybe this month? 
We are 6 months pregnant - and I have been enjoying eating a lot lately especially fruits, veggies & just about anything cooked on the grill. Also - I have been craving (nothing to crazy) - cheese, iced tea & V8.

we are dog-sitting for the next couple of days so I will back soon with pictures of are furry friend Ms. Roxy:) & a new belly shot.
Happy August!


Embrace the Camera

 Yesterday we took a little . . .
 to the beach...
 We spent most of the day in the ocean with Josh's boogie board. Then the rest playing in the sand...
 Then we finish with a snack on the boardwalk & a few Arcade games.
It was a nice day with my lil' man.
Happy Thursday!


Embrace the Camera

Yesterday we had a fun day relaxing in a friends pool- with my sister and my 2 nieces!

To join  Embrace the Camera visit this lovely blog!

Happy Thursday!