We have been pretty busy being CRAFTY over here!!!

Josh's Project:
Josh picked out a birdhouse to paint today at Michael's.
I thought it would be a fun Summer Project . . . & they were only $4.99

I LOVE to paint with Josh

I always keep some washable paints handy

My Project:

We also went to a local Thrift Shop where I picked up a cute little end table. I wanted to find a simple ~yet~ cute one to make Uniquely mine . . .

I found this plain one that I loved . . .

Have I told you lately that I love ~Vintage Table Linens~with a Passion . . . Well I do!!!! I have a whole container of them in my linen closet THAT I NEVER USE!!! I just see them & feel the need to buy them! Well this project gave me an opportunity to use one~YAY!!!

Looks like it would be in a 97 year old womans house . . but I don't care I still like it!
I also found a cute Milk Glass lamp!
Here is a run down of the items I found for my project & the the finished table . . .

We had a very fun day of bargain hunting & painting!

We bought lots of GREAT stuff for an Unbelievable price . . .

I picked up a super CUTE Lap Chalkboard!!!

Last night at church something really great happened . . .
Usually one of the leaders will pray . . but it was a small group so I thought we would move together to form a tight circle. I said:

"I will start off the prayer and I want to go around and I want everyone to say something that you are thankful for!"

Okay I am thinking they will say something like. . .
My Dog, My Cat, My Family, My Friends

No they all took it a little further
They each prayed the must beautiful prayers I have ever heard

Tears started to fill my eyes . . .

They prayed for the lost
They prayed for sinners
They prayed for the ill

They prayed for missionaries

They thanked Him for their food & clothes
They thanked Him for their salvation
They thanked Him for their parents jobs
They thanked Him for His forgiveness
They thanked him for His Grace
They thanked Him for going to the cross for their sins . . .

It was beautiful . . .beyond words!

"Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-"
Psalm 103:2


Joy said...

Children can lean ever so close to the Father's ears with the cries of mens' hearts! They're so intuitive.

Great bargains! Love the projects you painted (I was not surprised at all by the birdhouse he picked out---very fitting!!! The other ones looked girly!).

Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by!:)
Love all these projects, the table looks great!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Great Projects!!! I love the table and all of your linens. I used to have a lot, but over the years I have lost track of them. I am starting to buy more. I found a bunch the other day at the Anitque Mall for really cheap:) I really wish we had a pottery barn outlet around here.

That is so neat that they prayed those things. It is in moments like that you really see why you do what you do. I bet that was really encouraging!

Megan said...

what a sweet story!

and, backing up, what an awesome sale! and i love the birdhouse!


Vixbil said...

What wonderful prayers.

Great bargains and I am SO envious of Pottery Barn Kids. I didn't have children when I lived over in US and not even sure if they had the kids version but I would so love to go

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I had no idea that Pottery Bark Kids Outlets EXISTED!!! AWSOME!

Ris said...

What a beautiful prayer! We all need to remember to pray that one! I wish we had a PBK outlet! Fabulous!