Hallelujah . . .

I don't have a luxury car . . .or even anything special at all. Just a little black four door car. It was the first car I signed for by myself & it was BRAND new. I think there was around 15 miles on it when I drove out of the dealership . . . I was so nervous. I had anxiety and could not sleep when I first bought it. I was scared that something was going to happen to it and I was nervous about the monthly payments. I kept thinking . . . What did I get myself into? Well yesterday I made my very last payment, it may be silly, but it felt so good!!!  So naturally we celebrated with dinner . . . then went to the park because it was SO nice out!
Like our new vintage pitcher? We fould it at a really cute thrift shop in the city this week! Josh loved making lemonade in it.

I Love Warm Weather . . .&NOT having a car payment!!!
Have a great weekend:)


Lauren W said...

Congrats!!! That's so fantastic :)

Vixbil said...

All that lovely pyrex looks fab and sooo cool.
Congrats on the car payment, or rather lack of!!
Can't wait for ours to go too!

Anne Thompson said...

Yay for no more car payments! Such a load off hey? Good for you! Anne

Leigh-Ann said...

Congratulations paying off your car!!!! That's so awesome!! I love your pitcher, but even more so, i LOVE that bowl with the yellow circles! Nice blog! :)