For some reason . . .

 I find it funny when someone sneaks into the background of a picture??? Or if I'm watching the news & the reporter is in a public area &  someone behind them is parading around doing something silly  . . .just to get on TV!  If anyone ever watched the show 'In Living Color'- about 20 years ago- Jim Carrey did a skit and it was SO funny . . .

Well, I was at the park with a friend, this is here sweet lil' girl Evelyn . . .
 I wanted to take a picture of Josh & her real quick before we left.
Now see the little boy in the background . . . I have no idea who he is . . .he wasn't even around until I went to take Josh & Evelyn's picture???
Again, I have NO idea who this child is  . . but I do know that this picture cracks me up:)



Wonderful post. It is strange when someone appears from nowhere just as a photo is being taken, one wonders who that person is and what sort of person and sort of life that being leads.

Have a nice day.

aubrey said...

I love that some kids are totally uninhibited hams! The last picture it looks like Josh is just humoring him. Too funny! :)

Yay for pyrex mugs! I love my 'new' orange ones but they are too small for the morning. hehe

Mr. Stupid said...

The little guy couldn't resist coming on the Camera... LOL
The second pic is so funny. BTW, was he shouting there?

Loved the video. Hilarious! Have a good day!:)

Anne Elizabeth said...

That picture is a crack up!

Sarah said...

Hahaha that picture is awesome. You'll be looking back at it in 40 or 50 years and your grandkid will say "who's dad's friend?" and you will be all "I have no idea..."

I'm glad you love the Febreeze Mr. Clean. :)

Vixbil said...

so funny

partialemptynester said...

Hilarious!!!! Love that kinda stuff! Your blog title caught my eye while I was reading Missy's blog, so I hopped on over...you're funny and I'm your newest follower! Love the pics of your mom, too...what a cutie!

Missie said...

That is so funny!