Checking In

One would think, by me saying that I was planning on posting everyday for the month of November, that I would have  fun posts planned out!? I SO don't-sorry. This month is more just random thoughts & trying new fun things on other blogs . . .  & simply more of our everyday life:)

For example our weekend so far-
Yesterday, I picked Josh up from the bus & we went to visit his kindergarten teacher - we have been missing her:)  After we picked up some Chick-fil-a - came home - relaxed - made brownies & later watched The Super Nanny.  Josh just watches in amazement and will occasionally look up to say . . . "Mom, I would never do that to you!" . . . lol I'll remind him of that next melt down;)
 This evening we had our sweet cousin Emma's 3rd Birthay Party!!!
We had a great time! Josh spent most of the night playing in the basement- he loved this little putt-putt game my cousin built! I got to send some quality time with Emma's little brother Toby . . . he wasn't sure about the cake at first??? But soon realized how yummy it was:)
Hope everyone is having a great weekend - I am so happy to get an extra hour tonight:)