My lil' Angel

On Sunday Josh sang his little heart out again in the the children's choir!I Love watching him up there... the lil' guy next to  him  had a serious poke to the eye right before-Ouch!
After church they had their first practice for the Christmas Pageant. I couldn't wait to find out what part he picked?
Josh wanted to be a sweet Angel- I'm so excited to see him on Christmas Eve:)

In other news we have been busy with lots of fun stuff going on- Josh started karate- I still have to get a good picture of him in his karate gear. He seems to be picking it up quickly.  It is a challenge to  feel out what activities to put & encourage your child in. You don't want to force them into something that they have no interest in . . . & you don't want to see them quit activities they have begged you to join . . . but at the same time you don't want them to end of hating the activity?!? I am trying to get Josh to try a few different activities at different times to get him involved with things that he really has an interest in - & LOVES to do! For example, he adores choir - he wasn't a fan of piano - he loved swimming- he wasn't crazy about soccer (& there are somethings that are not even an option for Josh - like football) We live close to a Y so they always offer a ton of different activities for kids. Speaking of the Y I need to get back to the gym this week! I think it's the colder weather that is making me feel blah &sluggish (I guess it could be the lack of sleep as well?) -I saw an episode of the Kardashian's this weekend (guilty pleasure- I know) - Kim &; Chloe were taking a class at the gym - it was a type of 'Boot Camp' class . . . & it totally made me want to get my lazy butt to the gym . . .
Thanks ladies:)


Lisa said...

Your baby is just precious! And I think you're doing it right. Find what's right for him and he'll stick with it (hopefully!).

Have you ever heard of "Meet Up"? It's a website where people start random groups according to their interest, i.e., fitness, cooking, whatever. I actually did a boot camp tonight with the Meet Up group I've joined. It's WAY cool. You should check it out. You might even find a group that has an interest in those vintage dishes you love! :)

partialemptynester said...

So fun to catch up on you and Josh, such cuties!

Sarah said...

Is there anything cuter than a little kid's choir?! I think not!

I know what you mean about "forcing" the kids into activities, the boys I nanny for are always whining about having to go to piano/swimming/skating whatever.

I always try to encourage it with, "don't you think you'll want to know how to (insert activity) when you're older? (insert name of someone who does said activity) had to do lots of lessons to get as good as they are now!" Sometimes it works, haha.

Dollface Creatures said...

I know what you mean about lack of workout motivation. I watched a certain "fashion" show last night and it had the same effect. I went to bed determined to restart my work out routine but alas I still didn't get my booty up this morning to workout...oh well there's always tomorrow right? :)