Christmas Tradition

Many of you know that Josh has a rare condition called Eagle-Barrett Syndrome( you can read about it here) I am extremely thankful to say that at the moment he just needs a check up from his urology doctor once a year. This was Josh last week getting his kidney ultrasound.
He looks so big here! When he was a baby I would have to hold my lil' wiggle worm down. I took this picture after it was all done. The ultrasound tech- asked me if it would be okay if a student took a quick look while she sent the images over to Josh's doctor. He was watching 'Stuart Little',  and looked completely content so I thought it would be fine!

His appointment went great - his doctor was happy with everything! I had a question about Josh's physical limitations as well as the possibility of future scoliosis. Children with this syndrome lack  abdominal muscles so they have a higher chance of back problems. His doctor thought it would be a good idea if Josh  had a visit with an orthopedic specialist. We got an appointment a few short days later.
Josh had a few back & hip x-rays as well as a full body exam. The orthopedic specialists were AWESOME!& everything looked GREAT- YAY! Josh did such a great job!
Josh's main doctor's have all been from DuPont Children's Hospital. To say I absolutely adore this hospital would be an understatement.  I remember once when Josh had a completely unexpected overnight stay at this hospital (it is not around the corner)-  volunteers from the Child Life Center brought him in games & toys & even a beautiful new quilt. It was so nice and it made his stay more comfortable and mine less nerve racking!

It has become our Christmas Tradition for the last 4 years to bring toys back to the Child Life Center. This is a place upstairs in the hospital- there are air hockey tables, TVs, games, crafts, books & more. It gives the kids that are staying in the hospital a place to go. It's nice for them to get a break from their rooms. If they are unable to leave their rooms the volunteers will bring fun things to them!
These are some of the games that Josh had picked out -that he insisted on carrying himself.
Don't you love these snowmen with mouth masks on!
Every year when I go back to this hospital it brings back memories. Not only am I reminded of how great this hospital is but I am reminded of how even greater my God is!  His mercies are new every morning and He blesses us each & everyday. As we prepare to celebrate His birthday it is such an awesome time for Josh to be reminded of how simply amazing Jesus is.

 Then we have our latest tradition . . .
 . . . eating a yummy donut before venturing home:)


Stacey said...

(I am a firm Matthew 6 believer- there is something truly special about being able to help someone or just to put a smile on someones face without being recognized. I have been given many blessings in life and had no idea where they came from- but I trusted that it was in fact God! Not to mention it is just fun to do stuff without anyone knowing- after all God knows and that's all that truly matters. So it felt funny for me to blog about this but I just wanted to share our little tradition:)

aubrey said...

Yay for positive test results! It is so wonderful that you involve Josh in giving back to the hospital. I think it is so important for it to be tangible when kids are younger (and for all of us, really). And a donut is an excellent tradition as well :)

Missie said...

I am so glad that everything went well! That hosptial sounds amazing...what blessing!
I love the last picture of Josh with the donut! So cute!

Ashley said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I had never heard of this before, so I will have to google more into it. I agree, what a blessing to have such wonderful doctors, and a wonderful hospital to go to. Your son is blessed with a wonderful mother to show him great love and support : ) We will say extra prayers for all!

Vixbil said...

Great positive results and Josh is such a brave little man! What a great tradition you have going there. Fantastic