Happy Birthday Aunt Maureen!

Today I would like to send a post out to a
special lady on her special day - My Aunt Maureen!

(Totally Gorgeous!)
My Aunt Maureen lives about 45 minutes away from me- out in the country. When I was little it felt like we had to travel to a different country to get there. They always had a bunch of dogs running around at my Aunt Maureen's, being an animal lover I was in heaven. Down the street her friend had a farm - I remember feeding a horse a huge cucumber!
When I was very young she drove a white Camaro and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
She is super crafty & an amazing baker!!!

My Aunt Maureen & Uncle John took me on lots of fun vacations when I was little - we went to Virginia & Cape May!
(Deb- this picture is for you too)

She is a great mother to 2 beautiful girls, my cousin Jennifer & Lisa! My Aunt is the most thoughtful person… this pretty lady is on top of her cards… every holiday & event that Josh is going through, you better believe that Aunt Maureen has the absolute most perfect card waiting for us in the mailbox!(&that is no easy task considering my moving history) It is greatly appreciated -( thanks for that Thanksgiving Card for Josh!- he loved it!)
Happy Birthday to an Amazing Aunt!
We Love You!