3 things

yes three random things . . .

1st- I recently participated in my very first Pyrex Trade with the Lovely Taylor!!!!
This cream & sugar set came in the mail yesterday . . .
I'm in Love!
2nd- I found something at my favorite thrift shop today that I have been searching for!!!
A chair for Josh's desk- it was only $2!

& 3rd - For tonight's dinner I made something I found in one of those small Martha Stewart recipe magazines,  while I was waiting in line at Target.
You just need chicken tenderloins, bacon & fresh sage
Wrap the chicken up in bacon with one sage leaf inside.
Heat skillet with a little extra virgin olive oil.
Start cooking- sage leaf down!
Turn after about 6 minutes- cook on medium heat until thoroughly done
 & that's it
I had mine with some spinach lettuce & ranch:)

Okay - I think that's all the random things I have to report for today. I hope you had a great Tuesday:)


beetree said...

That's so fun! I have that creamer, and am keeping my eye out for the sugar! Love that pattern!

aubrey said...

I love the old school chairs! We bought Kaylee a teeny yellow one. Dinner looks yummy too! How can you go wrong with bacon?

Lisa said...

That chicken looks wonderful!

Have a great rest of the week dear friend!

JLo said...

Adorable Pyrex trade! Congrats!

Marfa said...

Mmmm...that looks delicious, I love bacon, spinach and chicken! Good red chair and only $2. That's awesome!

Michelle Vandepol said...

super yum

Anne Elizabeth said...

That cream and sugar set is awesome, and I love Josh's chair! What a great deal. Dinner looked yummo. Speaking of dinner. I'd better figure something out for our dinner. ;)

Ronel Sidney said...

Love love love the cream & sugar!!!

taylormadenews said...

nobody has blogged about me before! haha how neat!
i'm putting together of all my recent trades. such a GREAT idea.