Good Morning

Hello it is 5:30 in the morning here & I can not sleep. I think it is because I filled in for someone at work yesterday- & it turned out to be a very busy day. Then I came home & played with Josh - who takes a ton of energy out of me- all worth it of course:)We went to bed so early last night.
 Now here I am wide awake? Just thinking about the millions of things to get done today. It has been crazy around here the last few days. I am on a HUGE cleaning/orangizing/de-cluttering process. I also rearranged most of our furniture:)
 I'm just about done & it feels so good. I  have boxes of things that either need to be donated- or listed. I have some of Josh's old things to stick on ebay- books for amazon & even some furniture for craigslist . . . as well as a shop update to do later this evening!
Okay enough rambling its shower time- Josh is singing in church this morning! Plus I have two boys waiting for their breakfast . . .
I'll be back later with my weekly treasures!