It has been a long time since I have been out.
I didn't find much but I did get a couple of little treasures . . .

These plastic kids play cups from the 1960's.
This blue tray/plate thing.

and this glass 'Sugar' canister to add to my collection.
And this fun platter.

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Have a great Monday:)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

How fun! That 'fun platter' was from the set that my sister had when she first got married over 30 years ago! I guess that makes it 'vintage' now!

Love all the bright colors!


Kristen said...

Stacey, I love thrift shopping! Been shopping since middle school. I love the treasure hunt!

jorjiapeach said...

awesomeee finds. especially those cups.

Wendy @ Salt and Wine said...

All very cool colorful finds!

Marfa said...

Thanks for sharing everything...about the baby and you being a surrogate mama! I've enjoyed following your blog...and so glad you're back blogging...those red cups with the flowers on them just rock!!!

Missie said...

So cute!

Anne Magee said...

Love that platter! I need to go thrifting soon... it's been a couple of weeks!