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Josh finished up his week of Vacation Bible School at his Grandmothers church. It was a Beach Party theme, each day they had a new 'Surfin' Scripture' & a 'Beach Be-Attitude' (ex~'Believe' or 'Be Bold') Everyday they had a 'Color of the day'.

They made lots of cute crafts, one was a Prayer Pail. This was a little bucket of sand with Popsicle sticks inside with different names of the people that the child wants to pray for written on them. Josh picked Mommy, Daddy, Mom-mom & Tigger (our cat~ we won't tell Poppie about this one ;) They also each got a shirt to paint~ which they wore on Parents night. They all went up together and sang a few songs. I was really proud of Josh , he sang his little heart out!!!!

Saturday night we went to a 2nd birthday party for a little girl at church~ Cheyenne!!! She holds a very special place in my heart. I love her dearly & her family.

Church was crowded this morning, our Pastor's 4 children were all in town! They are all serving the Lord, three are in different parts of the United States(Texas, New York & New Jersey)!!!Plus 12 grandchildren! It was an amazing message! (I will share more tomorrow)
After church, we had a graduation party to go to!
Josh made a new friend named Cameron Grace.
They were both very shy at first but soon became quick friends .

After we got some ice cream then met some friends to watch local fireworks. When the first firework went off~ Josh went CRAZY~ HE WAS SOOO SCARED????? Josh jumped out of his skin & cried sooo hard, he told me he wanted to go home & he never wanted to come back???!!!??? The last 3 years he saw fireworks, and he was fine, I don't know why he is all the sudden so scared : (
So we went home!


Vixbil said...

Wow vacation bible school sounds like so much fun. I can't wait till my guys are old enough for that. Mind you we haven't even started the holidays yet they don't finish school till end of July

Ris said...

so cute! Sounds like a blast until the fireworks! I was scared of fireworks too...until my dad and brother helped me make a "spark detector" (not sure where we got that) but it was a block of wood that we nailed nails into and wrote our names on it in magic marker. Took it to every fireworks show for years. Mom covering my ears helped too. Bizarre memory, LOL.

Mari said...

So, that is where the song "We fall down, we lay our crowns, at the feet of Jesus" comes from? AWESOME thought!

Love the prayer pail idea...thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment. I'm pressing through because I KNOW the devil IS A LIAR!

Naddez said...

Thanks for sharing your son's vacation Bible School with us. God Bless!