Hair today~Gone tomorrow!

Happy Belated 4th of July! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday weekend!
I have been extremely busy preparing for our church's Vacation Bible School this week!!!
I am soo excited, I will be sharing everything we do all week!!!

I did something rather dramatic yesterday . . .
I love my hair but It was getting so long & nasty. It felt so ~BLA~ lately.

I was starting to feel Like Cousin IT.

I NEEDED it done Desperately ~My sister had mentioned Gwyneth Paltrow's new do'!

I LOVE her hair!
SOOOOOO, I chopped mine off . . . 10 inches!!!!

It will be mailed off tomorrow to Locks of Love!

It made it so much easier to know that it is going to an awesome cause. Rather then knowing that years of growing was swept up in a hair pile and thrown carelessly into the trash. It feels so strange to have short hair again. I really do love it~ according to my cute 20 year old hair dresser it is much more “Age Appropriate” on me :)


Megan said...

that was so funny- and i'm glad you're loving it!!


Ris said...

you look fabulous! Its gorgeous and healthy. I need to get mine colored badly. Your comment about it being "short" made me snicker. Its VERY flattering on you! Nothing like a new do to make you feel revamped!

Anne Elizabeth said...

It looks amazing! I am getting mine done at the end of the month.
I loved your post, it made me laugh.

Joy said...

Your hair is fantastic! I'm OVERDUE for a haircut! AHHH!!! I usually get mine cut twice a year (bad Joy, bad!) so I'm ready...

Vixbil said...

I love it, and the fact that you think it is short is so funny. Gorgeous though and great post

Becoming Me said...

Great look, I love it

Mari said...

Wow, 8 girls! Yeah, it is a faith thing when they are young. Mac Powell shared at a concert about his daughter's salvation and said he went to the Lord and said how much can she understand. He said the Lord said to Him, "Mac you don't even understand" I thought that was good. Because truly how much can we wrap our minds around?

Great haircut...looks beautiful!

ttm said...

Oh what a cute style! I think it's beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by today!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

LOVE IT!!!! Man, I love before and after stuff :)