Summer Lovin'

Today we had a play-date with My sister & my adorable niece ~ Lainey~ We all went over a friend from our church's house who has 4 kids . . . ALL 2 & UNDER
I know, but an amazing blessing as well.
Rachel is 2 1/2, Lily & Vincent are twins they are 17 months . . . then Celine is 4 months!!!
It was a fun filled afternoon with this Wild bunch!!!

Rachel & Josh are just friendly & filled with Joy!!!
Lainey is Miss. Diva ya' know the type ~ Miss. Queen Bee~
Vincent is the very serious one~ he is ALL Business! Lily is the Party Animal~
she was LOVING the fruit tray . . . she had her mouth & both hands full!!!!

Can you tell I am having fun with my new camera!?!!?!


laineybug32 said...

Don't forget about Rachel's "Buddy the Elf" burp after she swallowed all that pool water and the muchkins that were covered in ants...haha!! We had such a fun day!

Joy said...

They are toooooo precious!!!

Anne Elizabeth said...

That looks like so much fun! They are all so adorable! What a brave mommy. You take amazing pictures:) Oh and I really liked the bedding link you sent. Robby did not though:(

Ris said...

So precious! I bet she has her hands full...I've got 1/2 that many and I'm swamped! So much love to go around. Sweet pics. Glad youre enjoying your camera! Mine is my favorite possession.