chug a chug a choo choo

Last Saturday was the first day of Spring and it was so beautiful outside.
We took a little trip to Lancaster for the day, there is so many different fun things to do there. It is always so intriguing to see all the Amish people and all the huge farms.

First we went to the Railroad Museum. There were so many different cool train carts to see and even go on & different pieces that were taken from different stations, like this one came from Philadelphia.

They had a whole room of "hands-on" train displays. For example,there was a whole Lego exhibit & play station. As well as a Thomas the Train wooden set. They had remote control operated train areas too!!!
There was even this man in the middle of a train display, that didn't match anything . . .
Then we went across the street to a place called The Strasburg Railroad &
went on a real train ride!

Have a great Weekend!


Anne Elizabeth said...

That sounds like so much fun! Asa would LOVE that especially getting to go on a real train ride. I love the picture of Josh and you at the end.

Parker said...

What a fun adventure day. I hope your weekend is lovely. Your blog is adorable.

Fritzi Marie

Marfa said...

Great photos...I love the Amish cheese...and rhubarb pie! I saw the additional Pyrex pieces...you've got such a retro and fun collection!!!