The Alphabet Challenge

I am going to try something new for the month of April, it is the A to Z challenge on Toss it Out‘s blog, that I happened to stumbled upon last night. I am going to attempt to blog everyday for the month of April except on Sundays, that will be 26 posts. I will start with A and end the Month with Z. I thought this would be a fun way to read some new blogs and change things up a little here on my blog.
Okay so for today’s post . . .
A is for Acid!
Glycolic that is . . . .
Let me start about 12 years ago when I graduated high school and lived down the shore for the summer with some friends. It was the Jersey shore, lol,  but I am not a 'guidette' I promise, no fist pumping here;) We lived a block away from the beach . . . and we would lay out just about every day. That summer was followed by many summers of tanning.
 I would do anything to go back in time and erase the years of sun damage that I have caused myself.  My face is now dry, rough & I have clogged pores. Now that I am getting older, I decided that it's time to start taking MUCH better care of my skin. I don’t want to wake up when I am in my 40’s like leather face . . . and of course my biggest fear is skin cancer.

Okay so why Glycolic Acid?
Tuesday morning was my very first facial, it was a Age Intervention Facial. I thought it would be nice and relaxing . . . it wasn’t . . . at all! It was painful. The esthetician steamed my face and then put glycolic  acid all over it, then took a tool out to extract all my clogged pours. Ouch!
Painful-but-It was amazing.
When the facial was all over my face looked  really red for about an hour, BUT it was SO smooth.  I was given strict orders by the esthetician (who was not happy with the way I was taking care of my skin)  to wash with a special glycolic acid cleanser then apply glycolic acid to my face for the next 3 weeks-morning &night. I am now on day 4 and my face feels SO different. I LOVE it:)
Okay so here is the Acid Lesson

Glycolic acid is found in sugar-crops.
Your face is full of old dead skin that can make it appear to be dry of rough. This acid breaks all the dead cells up on the top layer of your skin, by breaking the lipids that hold them together. Basically, it exfoliates your top layer and all the LIVE cells under all the dead become visible and you get a smoother (younger!) look.

Did you ever have a facial??? If so is it normal to have to take your clothes off and just be in a towel because I was NOT excepting that part . . at all!?!

I will see you tomorrow for


arlee bird said...

Interesting approach to the letter A -- quite different from any others I have read. I'm trying to make it to every site I can and will make an effort to highlight the efforts of everyone else in my blog posts. Your post today is an important message to sunbathers (of course the way some of us are blogging we probably need some more sun). Thanks for being a part of this. And keep leaving comments on other blog sites so others will know you're here. There are so many sites to choose from in this challenge it's difficult to just run thru the blog roll.
Looking forward to B.

Ris said...

What is it about age 30 that makes use notice every line and pore on our face? I also got my first facial this year! I too was in a towel and got a mini neck/back/arm massage while whatever on my face was going it's thing. I've been taking much better care of my skin too. Love this AZ idea! Wonder if I could come up with enough things to blog about....

Anne Elizabeth said...

I used to work for a dermatologist and I would get all Glycolic acid cleanser and glycolic acid for free. I've never had a facial though:(

CK said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm glad to be doing this challenge alongside you. Your blog/template/theme is beautiful! I'm loving it and will definitely be a hard-core follower from this point on.

God bless-

AchingHope said...

That's why I will probably never get a facial. Walking around in naught but a towel... For a klutz, that's just an embarrassment waiting to happen.

Thanks for stopping over at my blog! It's so much fun "meeting" new people :D

Mary McDonald said...

I am so going to have to get a facial now. I learned something new. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Beauty is PAIN! Lol! I've never had a facial, but I've done some homemade ones. I'm not so sure about the towel part.