G is for . . .

I'm at a loss for what I want to do for . . .
 Gabby,  Gamble, Gander, Gap, Garble, Garment, Garnish,
Garlic, , Golf, Gold, Golden, Golly, Goo, Good, Goof, Goon, Goose,
Gone, Gong,  Grape, Grapefruit, Grass, Grateful, Gratuity,
Gratuitous, Grave, Graveyard, Gravy, Gray, Graze, Green,
 Greed, Greet, Greeting, Great, Gremlin, Grew, Grey, Grid, Grove, Grow,
 Grown, Growl, Grub,Guilt, Guilty, Gully, Gulp,
 Guile, Guise, Gum, Gummy, Gumbo, Gun, Guppy, Gust, Gut, Gutter,
 Guy, Guzzle . . .?????

I just don't know what to write about tonight?

I was going to write about Grace . . .then I changed it to a post about going to the gym . . . then I thought about writing about my Grandmother . . .

I even thought about GaGa . . .
 or my friend Greg????
But its getting late & really it is a miracle that I have posted everyday for the month of April!
I LOVE this blog challenge & I will back for the letter H tomorrow.
Tonight I am going to catch up on reading blogs, I am very behind!
Have a good night:)