E is for Ellen

Tomorrow is my Aunt's Birthday!
So I wanted to make this post for my Aunt Ellen!
She is one of the very 1st readers of this blog~
 I am very happy that the letter E is right next to her special day.
(this is her back in the day, isn't she a total hottie?)

I spent a lot of time over my Aunt's when I was little, she has 2 boys & 2 girls. I always had fun playing with my cousins, we would get into the usual mischief together.
Like the time we were all playing hide and seek ~ me & my cousin thought it would be a good idea to hide behind the Christmas tree . . . and we knocked it over. I'm sorry Aunt Ellen~ it was an accident:(
 Yes we caused my Aunt & Uncle some serious stress like the time we made believe we were the 'Hells Angels' and there pet dog, Mitzi, was our wolf  . . . oh & our bikes were our motorcycles ??? That was also the first day I tasted soap:)

Or the time we were on our way to an Easter egg hunt & she got pulled over because . . . WELL I guess we should forget about that time. Ohhh I had so much fun playing over my Aunt Ellen's, they had a playhouse in the backyard . . . and a huge basement filled with TONS of toys.

I could go on & on . . .
My Aunt was the very first person to introduce me to yard sales!!!!!
& I remember when we were little, we would all be watching T.V., probably The Dukes of Hazzard's, & if we were hungry she would always make us whatever we wanted:)
I am also very thankful to my Aunt Ellen for helping me out with Josh when he was a baby, sometimes I would get stuck for a sitter & she was always willing to lend me a helping hand. Now she has 3 sweet grandchildren of her own!
Happy Birthday Aunt Ellen ~Thank You for giving me so many great childhood memories. We Love you & we hope you have a Happy Birthday:)
Stacey & Josh


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your Aunt Ellen! :) What wonderful memories!

Ellie said...

Love this post, nice tribute to Aunt Ellen! My name is Ellen~ She has
given you a lot of wonderful memories!