J is for Josh

Of course I am going to blog about my Josh!!!

I honestly didn't realize how much I could love someone until I had Josh.
He makes me laugh SO hard, you never know what is about to come out of his mouth!!!
He loves going super high on the swings, staying up late, ice cream, his best buddy Nicholas, tacos & bowling. He loves to sing & he loves music . . . he even makes up his own songs on his keyboard.
Have I mentioned he is a genius:)

Even though he is perfect to me, I know- just like any child- he has his moments . . . he is bossy &  he is a sore loser. But under all that he is sweet, he will snuggle up next to you and whisper,  "I love you" in your ear. Just the other night he looked up at me and said. "thank you for taking me to so many fun places" . . I cried of course.
Did I mention he was born with crazy hair?!?
I write posts about Josh a lot. Since starting this blog I may have mentioned the true miracle he is to me, but I never fully explained it.
This was Josh January of 2005, he was 5 months old . . .

He just had a 7 hour operation and was in the PICU at an amazing Children’s hospital in Delaware.
Of course I was camped out for weeks, praying & waiting to take my baby home.

 Josh has a rare condition called Eagle-Barrett Syndrome (aka Prune belly syndrome)
It is basically a deformation of the Urinary Tract
The incidence of this syndrome is about 1 in 40,000 births;
95% of cases occur in males.
Out of all the births:
20% of patients are stillborn,
30% die of renal failure or urosepsis within the first two years of life,
and the remaining 50% have varying degrees of urinary pathology.
(all info found on the PBS site)

When I was pregnant I told there was a large chance that I was not going to have Josh

The doctor even talked to me about having an abortion
When Josh was born I was told that he was going to be chronically ill...
All I can possibly say is . . .
 God has been so good to us!
Josh has over come so much in his short life.
And by the grace of God, I continue to pray for Josh’s healthy future. Like with anything, there is always chances of complications . . .the first 2 years of his life were filled with emergency room trips, doctors appointments, ultra sounds, 2 surgeries & lots of physical therapy. & There is a chance that he will one day need a kidney transplant in the future. I could write for days on what Josh has been through. But for now . . .he is doing well-PRAISE THE LORD! He is a healthy & happy little boy and words can not express how completely grateful I am to be able to write that . . . I thank God everyday for Josh & I cherish every second I can with him . . . when I see those blue eyes greet me good morning everyday it is a reminder . . .

"For nothing is impossible with God."
Luke 1:37


Vixbil said...

Gorgeous post, thanks for sharing that heartwarming awesome story.

Josh is so gorgeous

Missie said...

Wow! He is such a handsome man...God truly blessed both of you!

emily sparks said...

wow! what a story! thank you for sharing!

Raquel Byrnes said...

So wonderful to hear the praise and love that flows from your family. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anne Elizabeth said...

This post was truly amazing! The video made me cry. What an amazing testament to God's awesome power. I am so glad you shared this. Josh and you are both on my prayer list! I will be praying for his healthy future.

Kelly said...

What a beautiful post! Praise Jesus for your little boy, he's gorgeous!

Aubrey said...

Josh is simply meant to be here with you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!

Lisa said...

Beautifully expressed by an enamored mama -- and rightly so. He is precious!

Lisa said...

I didn't watch the video before I commented the first time. I could feel your heart in it. And how heartbreaking to see such a little guy with such big wounds. Truly touching. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Marfa said...

Wow...this is the first time I heard about this illness...he's looks like such a handsome and healthy guy now! Scary that the doctors suggested an abortion... I love how you give thanks to God.

Pia said...

oh stacy! God is really good! if God came through for you when you had josh while doctors said you might not, God can surely heal josh of that urinary defect. God is in the miracle working business and what He did for others, He can surely do for josh. keep the faith, sister!