K is for Kittens!!!

I like cats if they are clean, heathly, don't pee on my rugs or don't come infested with fleas.
I actually love cats . . . I don't have the greatest history with cats, but I still absolutely love them.
We haven't had any pets in over a year & we miss having one around.

Or two!?!
Sure if there were 4 kittens in the cage it would have been easy to pick one . . .buy when there are only two you can't leave the other one there all alone . . .loney in a cage:(
They play together & snuggle together . . .they're brothers!
We even found them a play house at a yard sale for $3 this weekend!

We touched it up with some paint . . . & made a little bed to go inside. 
Of course I had to find some orange animal print fabric:)
We are having so much fun with them:)
This is Charlie
He is my sweetie pie . . . he snuggles up next to me when I lay down & follows me everywhere I go.
&then there is Mr.Mosby
I couldn't get a picture of him- because he doesn't sit still! He is crazy! I find myself removing him from the shower curtain several times a day, he has smelly gas & likes to bite my sweet Charlie's head. But he has real big eyes that melt your heart!

Needless to say Josh is super excited about our new additions!
Many more posts & pictures to come on these lil' guys:)


Vixbil said...

Adorable and I love the playhouse for them

Amanda said...

they are adorable! congrats on the new additions! I also have two cats, brothers and they sound like they have the same personalities as yours - a cuddle bug and a wild one. :) and mine switch every once in a while. Enjoy the little kitten stage. It doesn't last very long at all.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, they are so precious! It makes me want to get another one. :)

Wanda said...

Ahhhh cute pics. After having a cat jump on me and leave a permanent scar on my neck, I'm not too fond of them.

Missie said...

So cute! Makes me want one...wish they didn't make me itchy!