N is for Napkins

Cloth napkins are cute & easy to make!
-21” fabric square
-liquid fray preventative
-paper-backed fusible web
-clear nylon thread
-embroidery floss

Press the edges of the fabric square the wrong way twice then hem. You have the basic napkin shape!
Now for the fun part . .

You can line with rickrack- pin near the edges and trim the ends- sew using nylon thread. Apply fray preventative to the rickrack ends. If you are adding a fabric scrap shape or design use iron fusible web to the back . . .this is great to use when a project is going to be washed a lot.
You can use buttons for eyes & different types of stiching~ you can get creative with these!

I will see you tomorrow for O!
OOOOOhhhh yeah, I will also be posting a giveaway tomorrow as well. If you like different patterns of fabric be sure to come back:)


Jan said...

I love how you did the napkins. And enjoyed reading your testimony. God is faithful...........morning by morning!

Stacey said...

Thank You Jan!

Mary McDonald said...

Cute napkins!

Marfa said...

A few years ago my dad gave me one of the best gifts...a bundle of 12 cotton napkins! LOVE reusing our napkins, washing them and that's been one of the girls CHORES...simple to fold!

aubrey said...

Your napkins are adorable!

Lisa said...

I love the colors and how wonderfully creative you are!

Ellie said...

These are so charming; I use to make
napkins all the time! Spring's arrival, makes me want to provide
some more color at the table!
Great post~