X is for Xanthophobia

. . .the fear of yellow
Xylophobia: the fear of wooden objects or forests
Xenophobia: the fear of strangers or foreigners
Xenoglossophobia: the fear of foreign languages
Xycarinspectphobia: the fear of getting your car inspected . . . having to get a million repairs done - costing you an arm & a leg.
Okay I made the last one up but that is my phobia at the moment.  I am waiting to hear back from the mechanic to see if my car pasted inspection???



Very interesting pieces of information, thanks for sharing.


Anne Elizabeth said...

I always hate getting our car inspected too. I can't pronounce half these words. Lol

Lisa said...

This is a great post and made me laugh. I love your new made up word. Can I borrow it? I can't pronounce it, but may need to use it here soon. :O)

Linda said...

So funny! Great idea for X day. There is probably an X-phobia for everything.

mrs. origami said...

ugh i have the last one (that you made up), too! i always get so nervous when it's time for a car inspection! :O

Mr. Stupid said...

HAHA. Loved this post. Very funny. Especially the last one... LOL
Have an awesome day!

Missie said...

I work with a girl that has a fear of yellow! Crazy stuff!