Y is for Yippee!

It's late and I have nothing better  . . . so even though its a funny word- Yippee!!!
I am excited about two things tonight.

1st I am so happy that I was included on THIS lovely Lemonade treasury tonight on Etsy! Such a cute idea - & I just ordered the cute little lemon soaps:)

2nd I have yet another birthday to talk about . . . April is full of birthdays?!?

"My sister taught me everything I really need to know, and she was only in sixth grade at the time."

- Linda Sunshine

Here are some pictures that will forever remind me of our childhood . .
GLOW- Did anyone else watch this???
"Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games. " Heathers

(okay this is more like now;)
When I came home from the hospital as a newborn, she asked my parents when they were taking me back to the junkyard?!?
When we were little if she wanted me to get her something she would say she would time me to see if I could get it real fast, knowing I liked a challenge.
When I didn’t feel like playing a game with her, she would set the whole thing up anyway- knowing I would feel bad . . .BUT if I started to win she would quit and make me put everything away!

When I was in High School I would wear all of her clothes then sneak them back into her drawers . . .

I wore big thick glasses growing up & she broke them on several occasions when we were fighting
Ooohh sisters!

We always fought like crazy & we always shared a small room . . . she finally moved out when I was a junior in high school and I thought I would be happy having my own room . . . but I wasn’t . . .I missed her:(

I eventually moved out too and we went on living our own lives and hung out occasionally . . . she changed her life around in her mid twenties and came to know the Lord . . . and I looked up to her. And soon after I wanted to change my life around too.
When I had Josh I had no idea what I was doing . . . & being a single mom she helped me out. Actually, that is an understatement- she did SOOOO much for us! I will be forever grateful for the love she showed her new little nephew:)
 Even though we have grown much closer through the years & have talked a million times a day on the phone . . we still have our argument's. . . .but we always makeup and move on with life.
Because that is what sisters do, no one knows me like her & no one loves me like her.
Happy Birthday -Love Ya Girl!
(Bev-I would have but more pictures of us up but they are all in your basement)



A most enjoyable refreshing post, Happy Birthday to all who have April birthdays.
Love the pictures also.

Enoy your day.

Nicholson Photography said...

What is the name of your etsy shop??

Missie said...


tooleftfeeet said...

Hi..i really liked the term you used to describe yourself as an independent mom...thanks for sharing the pics (mr. mom, GLOW, dirty dancing) I'm guessing you're a child of the 80s as well. :D

aubrey said...

Congratulations on being included in a treasury! So exciting! And your shop is so cute :) Happy Birthday to your sister!

arlee bird said...

Ah yes, sibling spats--I remember them. Fortunately we usually grow up and things turn out pretty good. There's nothing quite like family. I guess with the A to Z Challenge it's been a little like family. It's been really nice.

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