Part 2

To answer the question -Where do I keep all my Pyrex?- I usually keep my Pyrex stored anywhere I have spare space . . . under beds, in closets . . . in the trunk of my car! In fact-you can barely even walk in here there it just piles of bowls everywhere;) Just kidding -Please note- this is my only collection, I swear I am not a hoarder!I don’t even have any knick-knacks. I am a very simple & organized person.
   Believe it or not I really don’t have that much-(well before yesterday;)
 This is the  cabinet above my kitchen sink .  . . this is it . .

Last week we went to Ikea in search of a nice shelf to display all my Pyrex in . . .
 I liked these two???
The red one is about $200 more then the white . . .  I think I  like the white one better?
I LOVE this colorful display that I saw on Flickr.

I would like to display by collection like this one day?!? I just need to find some red Pyrex . . .& maybe one more piece of yellow and I will be good!!!  Also, I do try to sell  a lot of the Pyrex I find now on etsy (before on ebay) Yesterday, I got a lot of  Pyrex VERY cheap- So why not sell it & make some extra money! This lovely piece sold today is being shipped to Ohio in the morning.
& My butter dish I sold today and is being shipped to New York tomorrow.
I love the new butter dish I found yesterday, so I decided to sell my old one!!!

Other little things I spotted yesterday while I was out. . .
this crazy orange chair & this wooden table . .
I love these vintage legs . . . this is actually a bad picture- (it looked a lot better in person:)
Have a good night:)


Ellie said...

I like the white one, too! Beautiful collection, when all together, so artsy! Thanks for
taking me shopping, it was fun!

Lisa said...

I love your style choices. I do like the peach cabinet better - but I prefer the price tag on the other one just a tad bit more. :)

I can tell by how nicely you have things stacked that you're not a hoarder. And your floors are always clean. I notice these things...:O)LOL

Thanks for stopping by and glad I made you laugh.

Stacey said...

-thanks for noticing Lisa;)


You really must love your pyrex,
We here don't see so much of it about these days, I think you must have it all in your collection.

Have a good day.


Mr. Stupid said...

My Mom has a collection of Tupperware and a few Pyrex I guess. We have them on all the shelves in the kitchen. I guess she collects containers... LOL
I liked the white shelf too! It looks very beautiful.
Looks like the armrest on the Orange chair shrunk... hehe

Great pics...:)

aubrey said...

China cabinets are tough. I looked on Craigslist forever. And then we all of a sudden ended up with 3 vintage china cabinets in the hallway. haha One now houses fabric, one is in the upstairs bath for towels, and one actually holds dishes (gasp). But it is my big set of dishes we use on holidays. I have to organize some kitchen cabinets to better store my Pyrex.

I love the orange chair! I keep pointing out vintage, funky furniture when we are out thrifting hoping my husband will go for it. I was shocked when one day he actually picked out some armchairs. I am aiming to replace our bachelor couches! :)

Just me said...

I have the white one from Ikea. You can see it in my blog, under the post about my bike. I really like it! Good choice.

mrs. origami said...

i really like the first ikea cabinet, the white one.

i can see it full of pyrex already. :D

Mika said...

The chairs are beautiful. mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Sarah said...

They're both really nice cabinets, but for a $200 price difference? Definitely the white one. I love your collection! <3

Marfa said...

I love IKEA...hmmm, is the white shelf much smaller/narrower? You could paint it red...

Anne Elizabeth said...

I like the white shelf, but I am all about white right now. haha. That orange is cool.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Next week, I'd like to do a post about your blog (on my blog) and I just wanted to make sure that was ok with you first :)

I just adore it. And your Etsy stuff And you. And know my readers would too!