We live on an interesting street . . .

Really-we do!?! Right on my corner there is a store that sells just about everything.  . . penny candy, magazines, food, cleaning supplies . . & wigs????
There is also this colorful church across the street
Last night we took a walk  & had some pizza at the shop right next to this church . .
 Remember the other day when I talked about how I LOVE funny background shots!?!?!
Well here is another one . . .
I SWEAR- the unedited version of this picture is just me in the center - I didn't realize Josh got the sleeping man behind us until I had uploaded it!!!
HaHa . . . this town is strange!
After pizza we got some ice cream then sat  & talked about  kindergarten life, which is always interesting.
There is a 'Cafe' down a little bit from me called 'Bud's' , tonight is karaoke  night.  It is a beautiful night so my windows are opened and right now I can hear a woman  singing screeching out Led Zeppelin's - "Whole Lot Of Love"
Its not loud enough to keep us awake or even  bother me at all . . . but just loud enough to make me laugh at how funny she sounds:)


This week has been very busy I worked 2 extra days, a woman at work hurt her knee so I filled in.  Josh got to spend some quality time with both his Mom-Mom & then his Grandma'. They  both love & spoil him like crazy . . .Josh doesn't seem to mind ;)
I'm very thankful for them & the extra money! BUT I'm looking forward to going back to my normal schedule this week.

I have a fun fun fun day planned for tomorrow, I will be sure to take lots of pictures:)


CK said...

That pic of the guy sleeping is f u n n y ! Haaaa!

Gwei Mui said...

Hi there I came across your blog via Mr Stupid of Stupidation. Love the pics, my favourite has to be the wigs.

Anne Elizabeth said...

The picture Josh took of the dude sleeping is too funny! I used to walk by a store that sold wigs like that, when I was growing up. I'd forgotten about it until I saw your post. Enjoy your day tomorrow:)


Loved the write also the pictures,

Have a peaceful Sunday.


Missie said...

What! That is character! I love it!

Vanessa said...

LOL love the pic with the guy sleeping. I also live in a "funny" neighborhood. well....I live in Philly! lol

aubrey said...

I think I would have to have a small collection of wigs if I lived near that store. You know, a wig for cleaning the house, one for washing the car (ok, maybe not...). But wigs always amuse me.
Nice that you can walk to so many things in your neighborhood!

Lisa said...

I love that first gorgeous picture of Josh - what an angel! :)

Gotta give him props for that picture of you and sleep guy too. Good shot Josh!

I hope your day is wonderful!

Sarah said...

Oh man those wigs are awesome! And that pizza looks delicious! And your kids is so cute!!!

For some reason I just really really enjoyed this post. Thanks for the tour!

Michelle Vandepol said...

love the everyday fun :)
continuous great job mom-ing and sharing it with us.

Vixbil said...

The picure is fun but also I love the bit about the karaoke!!