Yes today I was completely fooled by the weather. I heard it was suppose to rain today! I even saw it on Yahoo weather???But it never did .... it is VERY windy out now ( I am having trouble using my computer & my cell phone tonight???)

     I had planned indoor activities to do with Josh today, we went to a place called "Jumpers" that he loves, then to the library. We had a fun day . . . I even got to go to a couple of yard sales on the way:)
Usually when we go to the library we just go to the children's part & Josh does his thing. I usually order my books on Amazon they come & I get excited . . . I read a chapter and then they sit on my bookshelf .  Today I thought I would  save money & check a few out myself  . . .
I even whipped up a really easy  dessert from: "The Magic Of Peanut Butter"
(I LOVE Peanut Butter:)
Summer Sundae Ice Cream Pie:
1/2 gallon on ice cream, slightly softened (Target brand is perfect for a recipe like this & its only $2.99)
9-inch chocolate crumb or graham cracker crust
1-2 to 3/4 Peanut Butter melted
2 Tbsp of chocolate sprinkles, Target was out so I substituted mini chocolate chips
1. Scoop ice cream into crust
2. Drizzle with Peanut Butter
3. Top with chocolate sprinkles or chips
4. Cover & freeze until ready to serve:)
I ate so much of the ingredients while making it that I am going to wait until tomorrow to have a slice- but it looks REALLY good:)


Ellie said...

The same thing happened here, in NC.
It didn't rain, but threatened, so we held off, with our plans. Then
10min later, said, Nah, and went
about our day! Looks like you guys
had a wonderful day...!!!
Your son must of been thrilled!!!
Water slide and pie...that is a great day~

Lisa said...

YUMMY -- that looks SO good! I'm a die-hard peanut butter nut, too!

Michelle Vandepol said...

the perfect way to celebrate motherhood. :) i am tempted but am without the requisite ingredients. ;)have a wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful job done!


Weather forecast can be very decieving.still that Yummy food made up for it. enjoyed the post.

Have a peaceful Sunday.


Mr. Stupid said...

That looks Yummy. Glad you guys had a fun time outside.
The weather report can be very unpredictable. The opposite happens most times... LOL

Happy Mother's Day!:)

aubrey said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!
Crazy windy here too yesterday...and it still seems to be. Rethinking my mother's day outfit--like maybe I want to wear a sweater and boots! haha
The cake looks yummy. Lee (my husband) loooves peanut butter and even made his own pb cups over Christmas. His birthday is coming up and he would totally love this. Thanks!

Missie said...

You are totally making me CRAVE dessert! That isn't going to help my diet ;)

Just me said...

WOW! That looks so YUMMY!!!