we are adjusting to our new schedules.
Josh is now taking the bus and buying his lunch at school & it isn't so bad?
 . . . over all I think he is very happy being a little more independent and he completely adores his new teacher! I worry about him meeting new friends . . . its hard because he only went to school last year with one other little boy that goes to his new school. Unfortunately, they are not in the same class. 
Josh was happy that he got to play with him last week . . .
Even though this week has been a little busy with carnivals, soccer & a really fun family BBQ at my Aunt Maureen's . . .
I  have had more time to do odds & ends around here that I was putting off. For eample, I got around to hanging the curtain rods today that have been sitting here since we moved. Also I will be once again selling on Etsy. You may remember forever ago I sold on eBay and more recently I sold on Etsy. Unfortunately-  over the summer I just could not make time for it -I decided to take a break from selling all together. But like always -I missed it! I have been trying to get some of my vintages treasures together and will hopefully selling again by October!  Here is a sneak peek at some of my fav's . . .
 Have a Great Tuesday!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

It do take time to aadjust to any new routine but it all fall into place when you least expect it to,
My grandson is keen on soccer and his friend's father is taking him to his first live soccer match on Saturday, my daughter is somewhat apprehensive but she has to let go sometime.
Loved the pics.

Have a grand day.

mrs. origami said...

i bet he is having so much fun at school! :)

are those girl scout badges??? cute!

Anne Elizabeth said...

We are still adjusting. I am so tired all the time, I wonder if I'll ever get with the new routine. Loved all the pictures. Josh is such a handsome boy. The pool and the carnival looked like a blast.

Vixbil said...

We are all adjusting to a new routine too. The girls now go to nursery in the afternoon and it is really throwing me. I love all the pix and how grown up of Josh to be buying his lunch at school too. I love the vintage things you have to sell too, I remember very clearly using one of the egg cutters

Lisa said...

Very sweet. I'm glad your little guys is adjusting and doing well. :)

We always have to know our kiddos are doing well and feeling good, don't we? I ask my boys frequently, "On a scale of 1-10, how would you rank your life right now?" If it's high, I'm happy and let them know. If it's low, I ask how we can get the number higher. :)

Great pix and looks like life is going well for you. I'm so glad. You and Josh deserve the very best!


Missie said...

That is so exciting that Josh is enjoying school!
And great treasures!

izzy said...

I've read your previous posts and im glad that Josh is enjoying and adapting to school real well. Nice shots!