new love

yes its true! As much as I love yard sales, thrift shops, estate sales & flea markets . . . I found some goodies in a new way.
I have a new found love for auctions!
I went to one about a year ago and it was scary and I was very intimidated so I left. But not this time!!!!
He was a great auctioneer! I mean I don't really have anyone to compare him to- but he talked for hours straight and even cracked a joke here and there?!? George is great in my eyes:)

Josh was a tropper. We won him a box of wooden goodies for $1.50 when we first arrived & it was worth every penny! It kept him entertained for a while! Clearly a new pair of flip flops may have been a better find but -its cool;)

I hope to go to another one soon:)