It's offical . . .

I am a mother of a FIRST GRADER!!!!!
     Josh had his first day of school today. I honestly didn't think it was going to be that hard for me since he went to a full day kindergarten and I have always worked part-time. But, I was wrong. There is something different about first grade:( I packed his book bag up with his school supplies last night. This morning I parked and walked him into school to make sure he got safely to his class. His teacher seems very very very nice! The problem for me is Josh is going to a huge school with 18 other first grade classes. YES-EIGHTEEN! Josh's kindergarten class had only 5 other kids and I had a security code to get in. Now all the sudden I am suppose to drop him off and let him go in with hundreds of kids walking around. . . its rough! Not to mention he wants to take the BUS. Today I insisted that I would drive both ways, I am thankful that my work schedule allows me to do so. And I packed his lunch and he told me that the note inside embarrassed him-lol?!?
       He is growing up too fast and there is simply nothing I can do to stop him. Trust me I have tried;) The more I try to keep my little baby the more he wants to grow up. I walked away from the school thinking about how fast the time has gone . . . I remained calm. I talked to my sister driving out of the parking lot to update her & then I stopped by my favorite local thrift shop and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

My baby is 6- it feels like I blinked and there I was a mother to a first grader who didn't hold on to my leg and scream when I went to leave?!? 

How did this happen . . . and that's when the tears started??? Josh even talked to his best friend on the phone after school about how bad he wanted to take the bus???I want the days back when I had weekdays off to go to story hours! Or just to lay around in our pajamas on a rainy afternoon watching The Little People Tapes. But now Josh is Mister Independent and wants to do things on his own- and I know I need to let him .
    So to all the mommy’s who have lil' babies that are not in school full time yet cherish every last second you have with them. Every play-date, every Gymboree class, every story hour. Because before you know it, they will be off to school wanting you to drop them off a block away!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

My, they grwo up fast and you wonder where the years have gone,
Loved the pictures and video.


aubrey said...

Congratulations to Josh--and you! What a crazy huge school. Time does go fast. I miss when my little squirmer was content to sit on my lap....now she has to go, go, go.
And thank you too for the congratulations! I have been a bad blogger too--summer is for slacking! :)

Lisa said...

Bless your heart, but congratulations to Josh! It's so hard being a mommy sometimes. :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

This was such a sweet post! They do grow up WAY too fast! I understand how you feel. Ashlee has 34 students in her class! She was supposed to have half that amount, so it's been a little hard for me.

CK said...

oh my gah... this post k i l l e d me! I really feel for you and what you're going through. I have another year and a half til my first born will begin kindergarten. But I already dread it like crazy. : (

Krystle said...

I was just talking with my hubby about how since my little guy is just 2...some days just drag on as a SAHM. But I know that soon he'll be in school and I'll miss all of the little things we do throughout the day.
And then you post this! Perfect reminder from someone who is now at that point.
Thank you for sharing!!

Marfa said...

Great pic of Josh with all the books behind him...and I love the one of you and Josh!!!
P.S. What a sweet song by the Dixie Chicks!!!

Missie said...

Congrats! How very exciting!
P.s. Glad you are back blogging!