Flashback to Charlie & Mosby

Some of you may remember our 2 sweet little cats! We absolutely LOVE these crazy kitties- they are a huge part of our little family:) 
This is Charlie & Mosby when they were 8 weeks old . . .
They are getting so big! They makes us laugh everyday- this is Charlie making a bed out of a basket in the bathroom ... where I keep wash clothes & hand towels . . .
& this is Mosby about to lay down in the bathtub after Josh was done. Look closely- you can see how the bubbles are still in the tub & his tail is touching them?!?
This is last night during Josh's bath when Mosby actually JUMPS half way in . . .

(I tried to swap the audio to hide my dorky laugh - but it doesn't seem to have worked .... it is weird & even scarier then the youtube music?!)

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Have a great day:)


Lisa said...

Wow -- they've gotten SO big! Cats are the best! Love the laugh, too. :)

Christopher And Tia said...


I need more pictures of my cat, haha.

So cute.