Hello- Just checking in to say hi! (Blogging everyday is hard work, even several times a week takes time. I'm not sure how some women do it? But I give them a ton of credit)- I got my hair done today!!!! Well- I sort of chickened out. I did go back to my natural reddish brown hair- but the hairdresser still added blond highlights on top! So its not completely shocking when you see me- I am very happy with how it turned out:) I'll post pictures soon.

Tonight me & Josh hung out at home.
Tomorrow after church Josh will be out for the day. I plan on relaxing for a little while & reading a bunch of lovely blogs that I need to catch up on. Then I am updating etsy with lots of new treasures!!!!!Want a peek at a few . . .
. . . then I have friendly dinner date:)
Hope your having a nice weekend!