It seems like one thing  is going wrong after another around here!? Josh was out of school for most of last week recovering from croup. He finally started feeling better & I suddenly started to lose my voice yesterday afternoon?  I had a sore throat but other then that I felt fine. This morning I sounded better- I got Josh off to school & ran to work . . .  I made two big cups of hot water with lemon and honey:)
Then I ate ton of our homemade chicken noodle soup
I made it through the day... luckily I have a coworker who keeps me laughing all day
It seems to be getting worse by the minute:(
I am eating the only thing that is making we feel better....ice cream....yummm!
I got a bunch of these little guys in all different flavors!
Have a nice Monday!


Marfa said...

uh oh...hope you're feeling better

I just love those masking tape links on the right hand side...so cool!

CK said...

Sorry you guys have been feeling ill! Laryngitis is the equivalent of croup in adults. I didn't know that until my son had croup last year. It can be pretty rough!