Toy Story 3

On Monday- November 1st -my  sister & my brother in law celebrated  their 7th wedding anniversary! I offered to watch my 2 sweet nieces so they could go out for a nice dinner:) I thought it would be fun if we had a Movie Night & picked up Toy Story 3 at Target this morning!!!
We went through a very long Toy Story 1 & 2 phase here . . .   pretty sure every household with children has. I absolutely LOVE them both - the lines are classic .
 "How dare you open a Space man's helmet on an uncharted planet?
My eyeballs could have been sucked from of their sockets!" -Buzz

& I still fill up when I think of that sad slow song from the second one . . . 
When somebody loved me
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart
When she loved me

...remember Jesse's little face watching the car pull away :( Tragic
Josh had his bath early &  he got into his pajamas,
then we made popcorn!
 They sat still for about 30 seconds . . . & there I was watching it- It was so sad. I was trying to hold back the tears. They still came . . . what a great ending- so so so touching!!!!
Happy Anniversary Guys!!!!
We Love You:)


Anne Elizabeth said...

What a fun night! We love the TS movies here. I am getting Asa TS3 for Christmas. He is bonkers over it. I got him a bunch of TS toys for his birthday this year (in Dec). :-)

Vixbil said...

I cried too and I was in the movie theatre!! William cried too