Christmas Village

When I was little my grandmother had the best Christmas decorations. They were all from when my father was growing up . . . she never updated them. Every year without fail at the bottom of her Christmas tree there would be these little houses set up...
They each have a tiny hole in the back of them where you stick Christmas lights! I remember perfectly how these houses looked when they were all lit up together. They looked like a charming little town:) I found 2 sets at a thrift shop this weekend!  I kept one set and the other I put up on etsy. I looked them up & I found out the are called The Alpine Christmas Village Set.
(These little vintage houses found there way on to 3 different treasuries
 this week Here Here & Here!)

   In other news I had the usual busy day today -I woke up early - got Josh ready for school, got him on the bus, grabbed a much needed coffee, ran to home depot, then to the post office, then off to work . . .  then went back to pick Josh up from the bus . . . you know the drill. Tonight we had an Asian inspired dinner & dessert.
I busted out the wok for a lovely stir fry and we tried to make homemade fortune cookies . . . it was harded then I had expected? The batter was yummy- I just had a hard time folding them without breaking them?

I saw this picture last night and I thought it was cute...Good Night:)