C is for Chalkboard

Today I am going to show you how to make a very easy Chalkboard Mat.

This can be used as a source of entertainment for any child . . .on a long car ride . . .at a restaurant . . . as a place mat . . you get the picture:) It is lightweight, and can be taken along anywhere.
I am a beginner when it comes to sewing, & this seriously takes about 10 minutes to make!
Heat & Bond
Chalkboard fabric

I like picking bright fun fabrics!
Cheap chalkboard fabric can be found right on Etsy, I got mine at The Fabric Farm.

1 Cut Fabric- I used Rectangular pieces about 13" x 15"

2 I didn't want to pin through the chalkboard, so I used a little iron on 'Heat n Bond'. It did the trick to hold the fabrics in place!

3 I used Extra Wide Double Fold Trim.
Simply hold in palce and machine sew!

I also cut out an extra piece of fabric on the side for a chalk holder.
It is that easy!
I will be back Monday for  . . .


Mary McDonald said...

Cool! I don't sew, but I have some sisters in law who do. I can see them making this project. And maybe, since I'm the one who'll tell them about it, they'll make an extra one for my daughter. ;-)

Anne Elizabeth said...

That is VERY cool! I had no idea they made chalkboard fabric. My kids would love this. I'll have to check it out.


Excellent. I will try and make one after this challenge is finished.
Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I love this and it is so easy! Thanks :) I think my babysitter's kids might be getting a chalkboard mat before summer...

Anonymous said...

That is really cool! I have never heard of chalkboard fabric either. Unfortunately, my sewing skills are even more limited than this... I'm definitely going to pass along to friends who can sew!

Kelly said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

emily sparks said...

this looks like great fun. i will have to try it. thanks!

arlee bird said...

I'm another one who's never heard of chalkboard fabric but it's an interesting concept. I like the way you've approached the letter C
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Lisa said...

AH! I'm sorry I've missed your posts. I saw your name but didn't realize you were posting in this A to Z challenge. I hit the follow button at the top of the page so I won't miss anything. Glad it was there this time because last time I checked it wasn't.

Have a great day!