D is for Dentures

D is for dentures

Ewww . . . Just Kidding:)
D is for Deli!
Today I am going to show you where I work part time. (I have talked about it before, so if you have read this before sorry for repeating myself) Right out of high school I wanted to get a part time job while going to college. This was my first time waiting on tables so I wanted to start off at a small place. I never thought that almost 12 years later that I would still be here. I had know idea that my co-workers would turn out to be such great friends!  I have a lot of fun working here & spend most of the time laughing.  . .&eating:) Of course I have my days when I want to spill a drink over someone's head & walk out . . but most days I love it!

I only waitress, these slicers scare me and I would never use them in fear of losing a finger.

Back in the kitchen today they were making yummy Chicken Pasta Salad! I made it when I got home because it looked so good:)
Okay, this is a lame D post, but I couldn't just give up 4 letters into this challenge?! I will try harder tomorrow with  . . .



Loved the post and the photo's. It was a pleasure to read and lookat.


Lisa said...

Hey! I really enjoyed this post and thought it was funny that you started out with dentures. LOL.

I give you huge props for being there for 12 years. Says a lot about you!

Have a wonderful day!!

Lorena G. Sims said...

I enjoy reading your post. I don't blame you for not using that slicer. I'm just thinking about it and it gives me goosebumps. I'm scared of it too. The salad you made looks so delicious. yummy!

melodygreen said...

Now I want pasta salad... :) Maybe I'm weird, but I looked to see what the D is for Dentures was about... because my little boy finds them fascinating. My mom has a friend with dentures and Andrew finds it fascinating that "Cecil can take his teeth out!"

Raquel Byrnes said...

Nice tour. Amazing that you've been there so long. Great quotes and pictures.

arlee bird said...

A good deli post is never lame, but it sure made me hungry so now I guess I'll stop for dinner.

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