Josh's foot fiasco

 It was a freak accident. I was organizing BOXES of vintage sewing supplies that I had brought home from an auction.
Josh ran through and got stuck with a pin in the heal of his right foot. Naturally, it was very painful he cried & complained- it was so sad:( I looked at it, gave it a kiss & placed a band-aid on it. It was Labor day weekend, he was about to start first grade in 2 days. He was limping a little still getting around and but not complaining? So I  kept it clean &called his pediatrician. I explained what happened and they told me Josh sounded fine and it was probably just sore - warm compresses would help! The following week his heal seemed to look different . . .so we went in to have his doctor take a look . . . he touched it and everything. He claimed that Josh was fine & put him on an antibiotic for 10 days (just to make sure there was no infection)

 The NEXT week it still did not seem healed . . . we went to the emergency room at DuPont Children's Hospital in Delaware,
Clearly something was not right here & Clearly  I'm an idiot for not doing this as soon as it happened & CLEARLY we need to rethink our pediatrician! I could kick myself  for not doing this from the very beginning ... trust me, I have beaten myself up about it. I wanted to die when I saw the x-ray.

I just had NO idea that this could even happen? Josh had been going to school everyday AND was even playing soccer? We spent HOURS in the emergency room, while they decided if they were going to try to get it out OR if they should let an orthopedic surgeon take a look. To pass the time Josh played his games and we entertained ourselves with rubber gloves. In the end they thought it would be best if we saw orthopedics.

We had our appointment 2 days later. Appartenly when  your child has a piece of a sewng supply stuck in there foot it is considered an 'Ellective' surgery to have it removed? Who knew? When we did meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon he said it would be fine to keep it in!?
There was no way I could let Josh semi-limp around another second- as soon as we saw the x-ray . . . we both wanted it out immediately. He was understanding & scheduled us in the operating room quickly.
About a week later  & a Pre-Op appointment in between we were up early & ready to get this pin out! They gave Josh a little cup of something called,  'giggle juice' - to help him relax. It worked within 10 minutes. . . he was nice & giggly:) After signing all the necessary paperwork- I gave him a big hug & kiss and told him he was my brave little boy and reminded him of how much I loved him. I wish they gave me some giggle juice ...because watching him roll away on that bed without me next to him was rough. But I knew Josh's operation was for something sew silly- lol... get it sew silly ;) jk! Josh has been through so much more then this.

There were so many more life threatening . . . life saving . . . life changing operations going on at this hospital. There were at least a dozen other surgeries going on at the same time. This was a small piece of pin in his foot- it could have been so much worse.

I am thankful that it wasn't.
I am thankful that the doctor came back 25 minutes later and told me it was out  . . . no problems.
I was thankful that I got walked backed to be with my sleeping baby
 . . .and I stroked his little forehead and whispered 'I Love You bubby . . .You did it!' in his ear.
& then I quietly thanked God for every second he has blessed me with Josh
before he woke up.

We got to go home shortly after!
He had 2 stitches & a cool green dinosaur wrap.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing, watching TV & playing games.
One week later we had to get up super early & go back for Josh's Post-Op appointment...
The doctor checked his foot, this is him . . .
I saw him on a bulletin board on the way out. Dr. Kruse is an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in foreign objects in the body, he told me that I would be amazed at all the things he has seen through the years. Working at a children's hospital I can only image all little tiny things he has seen stuck up tiny noses  . . . or stuck in tiny ears!  Dr. Kruse also told me that having a sewing pin break off  into a tiny foot  is actually COMMON . . .that made we feel the tiniest bit -less horrible.

Josh recovered well, his bandaged came off and he was given the okay to take a real bath again!!! YAY!
We celebrated in the cafeteria with donuts!
Josh is happy to get back to his normal schedule:)
Have a great weekend!


Amanda said...

Glad he's better!

aubrey said...

I am glad the surgery went well and life is back to normal! I think I would have wanted a swig of giggle juice too!

Marfa said...

Wow...what a story...I know how you must've felt...so glad it's out...no worries about that pin in his foot anymore. I love the pretty picture of pins you have...

Stacey said...

Thanks Ladies! We are very happy its out:)

barncat said...

Glad it all came out well, and is over (as I'm sure you are!).

CK said...

Poor boy and poor mama!!!

Glad that it's all over for both of you. ; )

Vixbil said...

Poor little man and poor you too. I have been there on the surgery front and it is horrible but thank God it is all done with now and J is fine.
Can't wait for your everyday blogging from tomorrow

Sarah said...

Aw poor buddy, glad to see everything is all better! I once inhaled a little Barbie sized microphone when I was around five or so, these things do happen! :)

Hoping you're still planning on blogging lots this November, can't wait to read them!

Michelle Vandepol said...

good thing you got it out :) one got in my mom's foot when we were kids and travelled and lodged itself by a bone. can't believe you got such cute pics :) take care, u too. glad you;re up and blogging again :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Holy crap. I was wondering what happened with that.

Even though he was only having a pin removed, and not a more serious surgery, just the atmosphere alone is enough to break a mothers heart.

But you did it! You both did it!

Now. No more pins! Everybody wear shoes!

...its kind a rad story that he'll love hearing when hes older.