Homeroom Mom

Yes that's right I am Josh's homeroom mom! I found out a few weeks after Josh started 1st grade & I was BEYOND thrilled when I got the call. However, I had no idea what the responsibilities of a homeroom were when I signed up. I soon realized it is a little extra time & work- but completely worth it!
 I do have another -well experienced- homeroom mom as my helper. 
Some of the responsibilities include:
Party planning
Getting the volunteers for field trips
Making calls when the school needs to close early due to weather
Getting the teachers gift at the end of the year
Also, I get to help out when they do fun projects in class- like this one last week:
Each Parent had to bring the following:
Carving knife or tools(for the adult!)
Large mixing spoon
Large mixing bowl (Pyrex #444!)
We were group #4 ! I had four children from Josh's class- all super cute & funny!
We had to measure & weigh our pumpkin
(the one little boy just had finish a rather large sneeze!)
Next we had to come up with a plan of
how we were going to carve it open 
Then came the fun part . . . we had to scoop out all the seeds.
They were more then happy to dive right in!
Next, it was time to count the seeds...
We placed them in piles of 10 . . .
We named our pumpkin...
Finally, each child got to draw a part of the
 face with a marker & I carved it out.
When we were all finished it was time
 to compare our pumpkin to the other groups.
I had a really great day with Josh & his class! & I am looking forward to doing more fun activities with them this year!!!
Have a great Monday- I still plan on blogging every day this month:) I only did this twice before  once over a year ago and I think I made it about 3 weeks until I failed miserably and then I tried it again for the A-Z challenge in April - & I pulled through & did it! Wish me luck- See you tomorrow:)


Anne Elizabeth said...

That's awesome! Ashlee's school didn't even have a sign up for homeroom mom. I don't think her school is used to parental involvement. :( His class looks like lots of fun! Enjoy the field trip.

Ronel Sidney said...

Great project!! Good luck and I will be back again tomorrow.

emily sparks said...

You will be a great homespun mom! How fun. Good luck with you daily blogging, I will keep my eye out for your posts:).

Mari said...

If my children were in school...I would SOOOOOO want YOU to be the homeroom mom! Just wait till they see your cupcakes. You're perfect for the job...make sure you have fun!!!

taylormadenews said...

i LOVE that you took pyrex as the mixing bowl! that is SO something i would have done!
p.s. and room moms are always teh best! congrats